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The Happy Trip To Thailand

Last week, our team went to Phuket Island for a holiday!

Phuket Island (Phuket Island), the southern Thailand Island, located in the west coast of Thailand the southern Malay Peninsula and the Andaman Sea (Andaman Sea).The place was wonderful and the locals were really nice.

We booked a hotel and then we went to the seaside, There was always sunshine and fresh air, the sea was as blue as the sky, which made us so comfortable. We could not help swimming and surfing, and bathing in the sunshine on the beach was really an enjoyable thing. after playing, we ate many delicious tings there, It was so delicious that we can't stop!

Teamwork is a very important skill to have and be able to use in a modern working environment. Effective teamwork will make any company more efficient and profitable. Cohesion is power, unity is born of hope. Through this activity, believed that Ruihao team certainly better will encourage group cohesiveness.