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Why Choose China Bag Manufacturer

China's industrial development trend is obvious to all in the world. what are their advantages? Why did the international leather bag dealers not find a local leather bag processing factory, but came to China to inspect the leather processing factory?

In fact, many countries have bag factories, such as US、Italian、Vietnam, Thailand etc. While the Italian leather goods are mainly made by hand, they only pay attention to the quality of single products and take a long time, so cannot cope with mass production, certaily, the labor costs in the United States are also extremely high. Therefore, many leather goods manufacturers recommend that dealers who need a large number of bags to go to China to purchase. what about India, Thailand, and other growing economies? Some Southeast Asian countries and India, although they are superior to China in terms of labor costs, but the quality is far behind by the Chinese leather processing plants. Thus, China has obvious advantages in leather processing. It has a large-scale plant similar to American leather processing, can be mass-produced, and the labor cost is relatively low. In addition, in recent years, attention has been paid to the service, and the quality of “MADE IN CHINA” has also been internationally recognized. The recognition of the above, and the advantages of China's logistics is also unmatched by the global countries. Under the government's devoted to encourage enterprises to go abroad, China's leather processing plants are more globally competitive.

China's leather processing is represented by Guangzhou, and Guangzhou is represented by Baiyun District. Baiyun District can be said to be the leader of China's leather processing industry. Among them, Ruihao Leather has a certain popularity. It is mainly engaged in the processing of high-end leather goods. It can only be done by processing leather bags and focusing on leather processing. Come to Guangzhou Ruihao leather industry inspection, I believe you can harvest full.